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Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens and sprouts

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Growing organic Pea shoots is an easy and fun way to get a fresh, tasty and healthy food with which to enrich your recipes. Thanks to their fast growth and mild, sweet flavour, pea shoots are the perfect choice for those who have not yet developed a green thumb.


Organic Green Pea

The green Pea, botanical name Pisum sativum, is among the most popular varieties among growers and consumers of sprouts and microgreens.

How can I grow it?

Producing organic green Pea shoots is quick and easy, even at home.
As a first step, we recommend soaking the seeds for 6/8 hours in cold water; this will ensure that your seeds germinate more quickly and evenly. After this time, drain them and place them back in the container. Continue to rinse and remove the water well a couple of times a day. In just 4/5 days, your organic green Pea shoots will be ready to be enjoyed.

How can I eat it?

Organic green Pea sprouts have a sweet and delicate flavour, like that of the classic legume, and are rich in vitamins and plant proteins. They are excellent eaten raw, added to salads, side dishes or soups for a nourishing boost.

Organic Pea seeds may contain traces of soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.

Store the seeds in a cool, ventilated place, with temperature between 8° and 20° C, away from weather, changes in humidity and direct sunlight.

Pisello verde Balboa 2023

RO3012 LOT.VG6189

Technical Sheet

Green Pea for sprouts and microgreens – Non-GMO organic seed
Botanical name: Pisum sativum
Number of seeds per gram: 6
Weight of 1.000 seeds: 166,67 gr
Packaging available online: 250gr | 500gr | 1,00 Kg | 2,50 Kg | 5,00 Kg | 10,00 Kg
Seed colour: green
Sprout colour: white, light green
Flavor: sweet and mild
Guaranteed minimum germination rate: 80%
Origin: Italy

Difficulty of growth: easy
Soaking for 6/8 hours in cold water
Germinates in 4/5 days