Sorrel Green – Zodiac

Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens and flowers

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The organic microgreens of green Sorrel are suitable for a wide range of uses in cooking. Thanks to their acidic and refreshing aroma, they are also very appreciated as an alternative to micro-vegetables of Spinach and Mustard.


Organic green Sorrel

The organic microgreens of green Sorrel, botanical name Rumex acetosa, have small leaves of bright green color and a citrus flavor that recalls that of lemon. Moreover, thanks to the vitamins A and C of which they are rich, they have beneficial properties, especially antioxidants.
The growing period of this strain is slightly longer than others, but with a little patience and proper care the result will be excellent.

How can I grow it?

Producing organic microgreens of green Sorrel is quick and easy, even at home.
The pre-soak phase is not necessary, so you can start by planting the seeds in the soil and spraying a couple of times a day. For the first 3/4 days of germination, we recommend placing them in the dark. Next, you can move your buds to light, continuing to water them daily.
Your organic micro-vegetables of Green Sorrel will be ready to be harvested at least after 15/20 days.

How can I eat it?

The microgreens of green Sorrel are characterized by an intense and slightly sour taste, similar to that of lemon. We recommend you try them in addition to your salads, or as a garnish for soups or fish, to give a touch of acidity and freshness.

Organic Green Sorrel seeds may contain traces of soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.
Store the seeds in a cool and ventilated place, with a temperature between 8 ° and 20 ° C, away from atmospheric agents, changes in humidity and sunlight.

No certification or license for this product.

Technical Sheet

Green Sorrel for sprouts and microgreens – Organic non-GMO seed
Botanical name: Rumex acetosa
Number of seeds per gram: 750
Weight of a thousand seeds: 1,33gr
Packages available: 10gr | 50gr | 100gr | 250gr | 500gr
Colour of the seed: black – brown
Colour of microgreens: green
Taste: citrus fruit
Guaranteed germination rate: 80%
Origin: Italy

Growth difficulty: medium – easy
Soaking not necessary
Keep in the dark for 3/4 days
Sprouts in 2/3 days
Microgreens in 15/20 + days