Naga Morich Hot Pepper

Organic non GMO seeds for hot peppers

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A derivative of Bhut Jolokia, the Naga Morich chilli is a super hot variety, characterised by a sweet flavour and a sour aftertaste. The fruit is not easy to find commercially, so the ideal is to produce it yourself – a real challenge to grow and taste!


Organic Naga Morich pepper

The organic Naga Morich chilli is a variety of Capsicum chinense and is native to the Indian subcontinent. The fruit, with its rough, irregular appearance and reddish hue, resembles that of Bhut Jolokia. It stands out, however, for being even hotter, reaching over 1,500,000 points on the Scoville scale: it is no coincidence that its name means ‘snakebite’!

How can I grow it?

Due to its small plant size, the Naga Morich pepper can also be grown in pots. The important thing is to pay attention to the temperature, which must be kept constantly warm, never below 20°. The best time to start sowing is when temperatures do not fall below 14°/15° degrees, not even at night. By using a seedbed or grow-box, however, you can bring this phase forward to February/March, so that you can harvest the fruit in midsummer.
The first shoots usually sprout after at least a couple of weeks, at which point you can transplant them directly into the soil or into a pot. Ensure constant sun exposure and always moderate watering. Harvest will occur after about three months, when your organic Naga Morich chillies have reached the typical bright red colour and a length of 6-8 cm.

How can I eat it?

Despite its high spiciness, the organic Naga Morich pepper retains a sweet flavour with a slightly sour aftertaste. If you like strong flavours, we recommend trying it with grilled meats or to give a very spicy touch to your sauces.

We recommend wearing gloves when handling the chillies to avoid skin irritation.

Store the seeds in a cool, ventilated place with a temperature between 8° and 20° C, protected from weather, changes in humidity and sunlight.

No certification or license for this product.

Technical Sheet

Naga Morich pepper – Non-GMO organic seed
Botanical variety: Capsicum chinense
Pod colour: red
Scoville hotness unit (SHU): 1,500,000+
Packaging available: 10 seeds | 20 seeds | 100 seeds

Growing informations
Difficult of growth: medium – difficult
Sowing time: February – May
Harvest time: June – September
Placement: pot / soil
Pre-soaking: not necessary
Ripening time: 90/100 days