Calendula – Sunshine

Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens and flowers

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Calendula is best known for its flower, but did you know that it is also edible? From the seeds, in fact, grow verdant microgreens with juicy leaves that give off a fresh, slightly spicy flavour; they are also rich in vitamins, especially C and K, iron and calcium.
Microgreens, edible flower or both: what will you grow?


Organic Calendula
Organic Calendula seeds, botanical name Calendula officinalis, grow quite easily, even in different types of environments and soils. Its microgreens are appreciated for their fresh, slightly mentholated, and savoury, almost spicy taste. Their growth period is rather short, but with a little more waiting you can also obtain the characteristic, beautiful yellow and orange flowers.

How can I grow it?
Producing organic Calendula microgreens and flowers requires care and patience, both at home and in the garden.
Organic Calendula seeds do not need to be soaked, so start sowing them in soil straight away. This variety loves sun, so we suggest you not to keep them in the dark, but to place your pot in a bright and airy place.
By watering them sparingly and often, the organic Calendula microgreens will be ready to be harvested and enjoyed in about 12/14 days. If, on the other hand, you wish to enjoy the fragrance and beautiful appearance of its flower, you will have to wait about 4 months.

How can I eat it?
Thanks to their meaty texture and intense flavour, organic Calendula microgreens are ideal as a base for your salads, or as a fresh garnish over soups and fish dishes.

Organic Calendula seeds may contain traces of soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.
Store seeds in a cool, ventilated place, with temperature between 8° and 20° C, away from weather, changes in humidity and sunlight.

No certification or license for this product.

Technical Sheet

Calendula for microgreens and flowers – Non-GMO organic seed
Botanical name: Calendula officinalis
Number of seeds per gram: 130
Weight of one thousand seeds: 7,69gr
Packaging available: 10gr | 50gr | 100gr | 250gr | 500gr | 1,00kg
Seed colour: brown
Microgreens colour: green
Flavour: fresh and mentholated, slightly spicy
Guaranteed minimum germination rate: 80%
Origin: Italy

Difficulty of growth: medium
Soaking not necessary
Growth in the dark not necessary
Microgreens in 12/14 days
Edible flowers in 100+ days