Pumpkin – Monkey

Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens

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Organic Pumpkin microgreens are a nutritious and tasty alternative for those who love to make dishes with an intense taste and crunchy consistency. In just over two weeks, small dark green leaves will be born ready to be used for cooking.


Organic Pumpkin

The microgreens of organic Pumpkin, botanical name Cucurbita moschata, are widespread mainly in America, but in recent years are increasingly appreciated also in Europe. The leaves – dark green, with light green stems – have an intense flavor, given by an unmistakable bitter aftertaste.

How can I grow it?

Producing organic microgreens of Pumpkin is quick and easy, even at home.
First of all, put the seeds in pre-seed for 2/4 hours, so as to facilitate germination and encourage a uniform growth. After that, place them in a container with soil and leave them in the dark, watering them a couple of times during the day, for 5/6 days; already after 2/3 days you may see the first shoots. At this point you can move them to the light, continuing to moisten them continuously.
For a complete development of your organic microgreens of Pumpkin you will have to wait up to 15/17 days.

How can I eat it?

The organic micro-vegetables of Pumpkin have an intense aroma, slightly sweet and with a bitter aftertaste. Use them to enrich the flavor of your cold dishes, or experiment with fresh and healthy smoothies and extracts.

Organic Pumpkin seeds may contain traces of soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.

Store the seeds in a cool and ventilated place, with a temperature between 8 ° and 20 ° C, away from atmospheric agents, changes in humidity and sunlight.

No certification or license for this product.

Technical Sheet

Pumpkin for sprouts and microgreens – Non-GMO Organic seed
Botanical name: Cucurbita moschata
Number of seeds per gram: 5
Weight of a thousand seeds: 200gr
Available packaging: 50gr | 100gr | 250gr | 500gr | 1,00kg
Seed colour: beige
Microgreens colour: green
Flavour: slightly mild, with a bitter aftertaste
Guaranteed germination rate: 85%
Origin: Italy

Difficulty growing: easy
Soaking for 2/4 hours
Keep in the dark for 5/6 days
Sprouts in 2/3 days
Microgreens in 15+ days