Coriander Split – Sparrow

Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens and sprouts

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Split Coriander is a much sought-after and appreciated variety, not only for its fresh and slightly citrusy flavour, like the adult plant, but also for the unique peculiarity of the seed, which is, in fact, split: this means that from each of the two halves a sprout arises, so with the same weight you get a double harvest!


Organic Coriander split
Organic Coriander split seeds, botanical name Coriandrum sativum, have a slightly longer growing period than other varieties, but the result will be worth the wait… twice! In fact, from each seed grow two sprouts, which then turn into small, bright green leaves. Thanks to their fresh and spicy, slightly citrusy taste, they are a beautiful choice to look at and good to eat.

How can I grow it?
Producing green Coriander split microgreens requires a little patience, but with a few little tricks and a little waiting you will get a great result.
Before proceeding with soaking and sowing, we recommend storing the seed in the refrigerator for a couple of days. This step will reawaken the Coriander’s germinative will, allowing you to get a quicker and more uniform harvest.
After removing the seeds from the fridge, soak the organic Coriander in cold water for 6/8 hours. Then drain them well and plant them in soil or a substrate, place them in the dark and wait for the first shoots to sprout, watering sparingly and often.
Once germinated, move your organic Coriander split sprouts into the sunlight, continuing to spray until, after 25/28 days, the microgreens are ready to be harvested.

How can I eat it?
Organic Coriander split microgreens are a natural and super-healthy flavouring. For this reason, we recommend using them as an alternative to the adult plant in all recipes that call for it, in order to add flavour to soups, side dishes and meat or fish dishes, enriching them not only with taste, but also with well-being.

Organic Coriander split seeds may contain traces of soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.
Store the seeds in a cool, ventilated place, with temperature between 8° and 20° C, away from weather, changes in humidity and sunlight.

Coriandolo Split Sparrow

RO1901 LOT. VG6239

Technical Sheet

Coriander split for sprouts and microgreens – Non-GMO organic seed
Botanical name: Coriandrum sativum
Number of seeds per gram: 110
Weight of 1.000 seeds: 9,09gr
Packaging available online: 50gr | 100gr | 250gr | 500gr | 1,00kg | 2,50kg
Seed colour: brown
Microgreens colour: green
Flavour: esh and spicy, similar to parsley with a citrus note
Guaranteed minimum germination rate: 80%
Origin: Italy

Difficulty of growth: medium
Keep in the refrigerator for 2 days
Soaking: 6/8 hours in cold water
Keep in the dark for 14/16 days
Germinates in 14/16 days
Microgreens in 25+ days