Mungobean – Orchidea

Organic non GMO seeds for microgreens and sprouts

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Organic Mungo bean sprouts are a unique concentrate of beneficial properties and one of the best natural supplements for a healthy, healthful diet.
The non-GMO Mungo bean becomes a crunchy sprout with a sweet flavor in just four days.


Organic Mungo Bean
Mungo bean, botanical name Vigna radiata, is an ancient bean of eastern origin mostly grown in tropical areas of the planet in when it needs high humidity to grow properly.
Mungo’s organic sprouts, with a very high level of low-fat carbohydrates combined with a high level of essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, C and E, make it one of the most widely used sprouting beans in the world.
In addition, due to the wealth of ingredients such as iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and fiber, Mungo’s organic sprouts are incomparable in terms of beneficial properties.

How can I grow it?
Producing organic Mungo sprouts is quick and easy, even at home.
We recommend soaking the seed for 7 to 8 hours; this step is essential to allow the seed to sprout as evenly as possible.
Next, it is important to rinse and drain your organic Mungo seeds 3-4 times a day, being very careful that the water does not settle and stagnate.
Continue until they are ready after 4-5 days.
To bring out the flavor and crispness of organic Mungo bean sprouts, we recommend growing the seed in a cool environment, away from light and sunlight.
The Mungo bean is sought after for sprout production, but for those who want to experience the crispness made into microgreens, we recommend waiting for 10 to 12 days to get a fantastic organic Mungo bean microgreens.

How can I eat it?
Once harvested, you can add it to your salads, enjoy it as a raw food or steam it to retain all its countless beneficial properties.

Organic Mungo seeds may contain traces of, soy, mustard, wheat, gluten and grasses.
Store the seeds in a cool and ventilated place, with temperature between 8° and 20° C, away from weather, humidity changes and direct sunlight.

No certification or license for this product.

Technical Sheet

Mungo bean for sprout and microgreen – Non-GMO organic seed
Botanical name: Vigna angularis.
Number of seeds per gram: 6.
Weight of 1,000 seeds: 166.67g.
Packaging available: 250g | 500g | 1.00 KG | 2.50 KG | 5.00 Kg
Seed color: Red.
Flavor: Delicate and sweet.
Guaranteed germination rate: 80%.
Origin: Europe.

Difficulty of growth: Easy.
Soaking time: 7/8 hours.
Germinates in 4/5 days.
Microgreens: 10+ days.